Very Ashley Shifts to 100% Online to Deepen Community Connections

Very Ashley Shifts to 100% Online to Deepen Community Connections

Very Ashley, a beloved name in Virginia fashion, announces the closing of its three physical stores to focus entirely on its online presence. This strategic move aims to strengthen community connections and offer a more personalized shopping experience.


In a heartfelt video interview, Ashley Jefferson, owner of Very Ashley, shared, "My customers needed me in different ways. And I want to be there for them." Jefferson emphasized that her customers' appreciation extends beyond the clothing, highlighting the deeper connections she has built over the years.

Jefferson, who is also the President and CEO of VA Lifestyle Group, the parent company of Very Ashley, explained that the shift to online will not only maintain the brand’s beloved apparel but also expand its size range and style selection. "Our commitment to fashion remains unwavering. We are excited to bring a broader array of options to our customers online," she stated.

The transition marks a significant evolution for VA Lifestyle Group, which will now place a stronger emphasis on VA Style Magazine. The magazine is expanding into VA Style Studios, a dynamic content creation hub that will feature video interviews, storytelling, and wardrobe styling for feature films and TV productions. Additionally, there will be a renewed focus on the Fashion & Philanthropy series of events, a hallmark of the Very Ashley brand.

Very Ashley, which opened in July 2019, has since cultivated a large network of friends and followers. Jefferson expressed her desire to foster even deeper connections within this community, leveraging the power of online platforms to bring people together.

"The trend is to go online, and we are embracing it wholeheartedly," Jefferson remarked. "We are committed to enhancing our customers' experience and supporting them in every way possible."

-About Very Ashley-

Very Ashley is a fashion brand that opened its doors in July 2019. Since then, it’s opened three locations: two in Richmond, VA, and one in Lynchburg, VA. Known for its unique apparel and strong community connections, Very Ashley continues to inspire and support its customers through innovative online platforms and events. The brand offers clothing for women who are both "The Beauty and the Boss" in their lives, with elevated casual wear, event wear, and work wear specifically designed for entrepreneurial women.

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