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Woman Of The Week: Beverly Claiborne

Beverly Claiborne, a certified faith-based personal life coach for Christian women, has dedicated herself to helping individuals embark on a transformative journey toward embracing the love of Christ and finding their divine purpose. As the visionary behind Abide Family Blessings, her love and passion are inspiring women to become faithful and fruitful in every area of their life.

After years of success in Corporate America and owning her own business, she felt a longing for something deeper—a connection to her faith that went beyond the surface. It was during this soul-searching journey that Beverly discovered her calling, a revelation that would shape the essence of her business and her purpose in life.


In 2010, Beverly founded Abide Family Blessings, her platform for sharing the message of faith, empowerment, and abundance with women from all walks of life. Through her books, products, events, and coaching services, she provides women with the tools, guidance, and commitment they need to rediscover their worth, reclaim their joy, and renew their faith in God.


Beverly Claiborne's wisdom and guidance serve as a beacon, reminding us to embrace spirituality, discover our purpose, and find fulfillment in the arms of God.


Beverly Claiborne embodies resilience, faith, and an unwavering commitment to helping women flourish. Through her coaching, speaking engagements and live events, one of Beverly's core teachings is helping women walk in alignment with their God given assignment. Through her practical methods and empathetic approach, she empowers women to become Fearless with the faith.


Beverly has big plans for 2024. With her new non-profit organization, The Amazing Faith Foundation, and her upcoming online course "The Amazing Faith Academy", Beverly is on a mission of not only empowering women, but also empowering entire families with life skills for success. Specializing in faith-based products like journals, t-shirts, and mugs adorned with scriptures and uplifting messages, Beverly infuses each creation with the strength found in faith. In addition to her product line, Beverly is an author and a certified, faith-based personal life coach for Christian women seeking to live wise and well. With lots of prayer and the guidance of the Holy Spirit she discovered the essence of abiding in the Word, shaping her purpose in life.







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