One Year Anniversary! - Very Ashley

One Year Anniversary!

So, Facebook just reminded me that on this day last year, I celebrated the Grand Opening of Very Ashley! What a time that was! All the work that went into opening my very own store. All the prayer...the FAITH! But it was DONE! I still remember those nerves, the anxiety. But, I also remember the JOY I had of getting those keys and the ELATION I had of making my very first sale to K'Tish Lyons!!! AHHH! I opened the store up early JUST to sell her a dress before she went out of town. Since DAY ONE, it's been a blessing.

And despite so many obstacles, including a website crash, a business scammer, lost inventory and even global pandemic, Very Ashley is here and stronger than ever!

Thank you to current and past Very Ashley team members who have supported me with grace from the beginning. And thank you to my family, friends and to my many, amazing customers for your support, your prayers, your patience and your encouragement. I couldn't have done it with you!!!



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