Woman of th Week: Sabrina Merriman

Woman of th Week: Sabrina Merriman

Sabrina Merriman, entrepreneur extraordinaire, is the vibrant force behind the Sabrina Marie Show and the Sabrina Marie Studio. With a passion for empowering entrepreneurs, Sabrina launched her namesake show, providing a platform for successful business owners and aspiring visionaries to share their stories and inspire others. From seasoned professionals to budding startups, Sabrina's interviews delve into the journey of entrepreneurship, from childhood influences to business strategies.


Beyond hosting her show, Sabrina is the visionary owner of the Sabrina Marie Studio, a creative hub for content creators spanning talk shows, podcasts, photography sessions, and more. As an executive producer, Sabrina has curated over 100 shows, fostering a community of collaboration and growth among content creators. Her dedication to amplifying diverse voices and experiences shines through in every project she undertakes.


Sabrina's journey began with humble beginnings, starting her entrepreneurial ventures at a young age. From selling handmade pillows to launching her own studio, Sabrina's tenacity and resourcefulness have been constants throughout her life. Her commitment to helping others achieve their business goals is evident in her 30-Day Reset Business Challenge, where she provides invaluable guidance and support to aspiring entrepreneurs.


Driven by a mission to uplift her community, Sabrina extends her reach beyond the studio walls. Through her on-site interviews and community initiatives, she connects with individuals from all walks of life, sharing their stories and championing their successes. With a heart for service and a relentless pursuit of excellence, Sabrina Marie continues to inspire and empower others on their entrepreneurial journey.


To book the Sabrina Marie Studio or watch the Sabrina Marie Show, visit www.thesabrinamarieshow.com. Join Sabrina's streaming platform at https://sabrinamariestudio.vhx.tv for exclusive content and insights into the world of entrepreneurship.

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