Very Ashley Woman of the Week: Sharon Oliver

Very Ashley Woman of the Week: Sharon Oliver

Sharon Oliver is a visionary entrepreneur and the driving force behind The Creatives Playground, a vibrant hub for innovation and expression located in Richmond, VA. As the owner and founder, Sharon has cultivated a dynamic space where Richmond's creative minds and influencers converge to explore, collaborate, and celebrate their passions.

What sets The Creatives Playground apart is its versatility. With six distinct rooms, the space offers endless possibilities for individuals and brands to customize and transform their environment. Whether it's creating the perfect backdrop for a photoshoot, hosting a workshop, or curating a memorable event, Sharon and her team provide the tools and support to bring any vision to life. 


At the heart of The Creatives Playground is a commitment to serving the needs of its diverse community. With a keen understanding of the importance of branding and marketing, Sharon has assembled a talented team, including Sara Monroe, whose expertise in marketing and branding enhances the experience for clients seeking to elevate their brand identity. Their target audience spans creatives of all stripes, from content creators to coaches, seeking a space to craft compelling media and connect with like-minded individuals.


Sharon's journey as an entrepreneur began long before the inception of The Creatives Playground. With a passion for empowering women and a keen eye for business opportunities, she initially ventured into the world of childcare, establishing two successful daycares in 1998. Recognizing the untold stories and resilience of single mothers, Sharon launched CEO Magazine in the early 2010s, providing a platform to amplify their voices and experiences.


From CEO Magazine emerged the seeds of inspiration for The Creatives Playground. Recognizing a growing demand for immersive branding experiences and versatile studio spaces, Sharon expanded her vision, transforming her passion project into a thriving community hub. For the past seven years, The Creatives Playground has been a beacon of creativity and collaboration, enriching the lives of its members and patrons.


Reflecting on her entrepreneurial journey, Sharon espouses a new motto: "Screw perfection. Everything is not going to be perfect. But always show up unapologetically for YOU!" With this mantra as her guide, Sharon continues to empower others to embrace their authenticity, pursue their passions, and forge meaningful connections within The Creatives Playground and beyond.


To learn more about Sharon Oliver and to The Creatives Playground, please visit or visit them on Instagram @CreativesPlaygroundRVA

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